Mac TW1 Wash


Lamp: Philips Hi-Brite 1200/80 FastFit 80v
Colour CMY Variable
Beam: 20 to 41 Degree
Weight: 27.4kg
Dimensions: 735 / 454 / 362mm

 The 1200W MAC TW1 brings to the stage and studio all the optical brilliance and feature quality of the MAC range – with the warmth of tungsten halogen. It has an array of avant-garde features to equip the lighting designer with the broadest possibility of effects, colors and design.

Unlike other fixtures in its class, the MAC TW1 is an ‘all in one’ solution meaning one version of the fixture can travel the world without the need for inconvenient adjustments or the expense of having multiple models on hand. The MAC TW1 can be fitted with a 230V, 240V or 115V lamp as well as a new breed of 80V lamp that offers a far superior output to traditional mains voltage lamps.

Manufacturers Link - Mac TW1 Wash