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D8+ LoadGuard

    • Modern, quiet, reliable and proven design, manufacture and assembly mean long life
    • Low Voltage Control
    • Available in 250kg, 630kg & 100kg SWL
    • 2 independent spring-loaded DC brakes
    • The entire chain fall (load chain, hooks, body) is designed with a statistical safety factor of at least 8:1 (when used as ISO M5, FEM 2m duty ), meaning wear of the components is decreased and the life cycle is extended four times, to 16,000 hours (ISO M5, FEM 2m)

    • Direct control or low voltage control - with upper/lower geared electrical limit switches
    • Contactor control - no electronics
    • Clutch overload device mounted outside the drive train; in the event of clutch problems, the load is not compromised
    • Can be used upright - motor up or climbing - motor down
    • Aluminium body - black electrophoretic coated with zinc plated or black chain
    • Eye body suspension is standard, hook suspension and locking chain hooks on request
    • 25m HOL
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