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Jands Stage CL

  • The Jands Stage CL is a lighting control console intended for the control of intensity-only fixtures and multi-colour LEDs. It has been specifically designed and optimised for easy control of full colour LED fixtures for all users from beginners to the advanced professional.

    Intended for use by rental companies, corporate event suppliers, schools, community theatres, and Houses of Worship, the Stage CL is suitable where full control of up to 24 LED and/or intensity-only fixtures is required. The Stage CL includes 12 fixture control channels complete with intensity fader, Hue and Saturation controls, select button, and full colour RGB mimic LED.

    Additionally a limited number of noncolour parameters can be controlled. The Stage CL includes dedicated scene, chase and cuelist controls to provide immediate access to those facilities. Extensive use has been made of multicolour LED indicators to provide console feedback. Programming is based around an integrated full-colour TFT LCD touch screen.

    The Stage CL includes a DMX port, an Ethernet ports for use with Artnet and sACN receivers, and USB ports for use with standard USB FLASH drives.

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