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Kinesys APEX

  • Extended duty cycles and intelligent temperature monitoring allow longer continuous running periods meaning that Apex hoists can keep providing movement after other hoists may have had to stop.  The Intelligent Duty Cycle Management feature constantly updates the user on the remaining run time available on the hoist based on temperature, speed and weight, all precisely monitored by the system in real-time.  This allows the user to maximise the usage of the hoist without fear of damage through over-heating.

    The Apex hoist logs all the key usage data allowing owners of the equipment to keep an incredibly accurate log of the hoists usage.  Run time, maximum load experienced by the hoist, maximum temperature reached and number of brake operations is just some of the data that allows the hoists owner to ensure that the hoists are not over-exerted and to precisely schedule maintenance and service to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.


    • 500kg (1100lb) at 500mm/s (100ft/min) with 7x22mm chain, 8:1 safety factor
    • Dual silent brakes
    • Integral SIL3 rated loadcell
    • Real-time data logging of all key motion and maintenance related parameters
    • Full load capacity at any speed down to and including zero


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